Meet the Team



Hi everybody,
I’m Andreas, an early-thirty something guy from the western part of the country and president of the Belgian Rubbermen. Glad you made it so far to the team page, because we would like to get to know you better. 

In tradition of the rubber men groups worldwide, the Belgian Rubbermen is a social group founded in 2013 for everyone in Belgium who identifies himself as a male and likes rubber gear.  We organize social meetings in LGBT+ bars in most Brussels and Antwerp. For us it is important that we as rubber lovers go out again, away from the computer/smartphone screen and talk to each other again, share our experiences and just have a good time together.

I discovered rubber gear while browsing on the internet back in the days in my student dorm. It was a match made in heaven.  Wearing rubber is such a moment of empowerment and feeling good. A bit later I started to go out with some very nice British guys who showed me around in the scene.  It was in the UK that I discovered the power of coming together, supporting each other and knowing you are not alone in your passion.  I immediately wanted to have the same back home … this is how I got involved with the Belgian Rubbermen.  During the years I met a bunch of really awesome guys and made so many great memories.  I really hope you can experience the same as I did.

So, are you ready to join us?


Founder & Treasurer

I started the Belgian Rubbermen group as the rubber scene wasn’t openly represented in Belgium before. In 2013 with Julien Dubois we created a Facebook page for gathering info and exchange of common interests.

From 2014 onward, having my title year as Mr Leather Belgium, I started creating events to meet up around the gay street of Brussels, with the support of The Dolores and Stamm Bar. During that year the first meeting was held in April when Si came to Brussels to host his first exhibition at Stamm Bar. There he told me to start a social club event. So far only Manchester, London and Paris were having social rubber clubs. Belgian Rubbermen is the second oldest club carrying the word “Rubbermen” in Europe.

Starting from just a small group, the club attracted more and more people from all over Belgium. We started with around 10 people but have grown to a much bigger group.

Soon after came the proposal from The Boots to collaborate which I accepted with much enthusiasm.

After 5 years, in November 2018, I have decided to leave the presidency. I believe in change and it is my belief that any respectable president should at a certain point make way for someone else to become the president. Someone else who has a different dynamic, has new ideas, a different vibe and to lead the group into a new period.

Today I am so proud to be part of this team.

And I am proud to say that we are now a registered club.

I am now the initiator and co-organiser of Mr Rubber Europe. My support for the rubber world is still strong as ever.



Hi everyone,

I am Sven, the secretary for the Belgian Rubbermen and also Miss Marchandise. 😆

Rubber wasn’t my first contact with a fetish. Mine started with lycra gear. That was just before I discovered rubber. And like most of us rubber fetishists, it started on the internet. It was when I was around 18 years old when I wanted to try on rubber and so I searched on the internet to find someone who could introduce me into the world of rubber fetish. One day I found Jeroen who was so kind to let me try on one of his rubber pieces. Having it on for the very first time felt so very hot. That feeling of skin tight rubber on your skin is a feeling of its own. It felt so good that I wanted to get myself some rubber gear as soon as possible. So the following day I went to a fetish shop in Brussels and bought my very first rubber suit. It was a surf suit.

Fast forward to the present day, almost 14 years later. Nowadays I own many pieces of rubber gear and I love to help out and let people try on rubber for their first time, like I was able to try on rubber gear for the first time from Jeroen back then.

Two years ago Andreas asked me to come to one of the meetings of the Belgian Rubbermen in Brussels. At first I was hesitant and didn’t felt like it to go to a meeting in rubber in public. But at one time I found the courage and just went. I was really nervous before I arrived.  However once I arrived at the meeting at the Le Dolores bar and when I met the regulars, all my nervousness went away. The atmosphere was good and the really nice and sweet people made me feel comfortable being there. It resulted in me being less shy to wear rubber in public.

So that’s it about me. I’d love to hear your story. I invite you to come and tell me all about it when you visit us at one of our meetings.




Social media and Graphics.

My kink interest is all over the place. Where do I start!? Well… the earliest contact with kink was through movies long before the internet was widely available to the general public. Movies where a gimp like for example in “The people under the stairs” had a small part. Superheroes with their nipples, muscles and codpieces in “Batman and Robin”. Yes those movies weren’t really Oscar material, but I didn’t care back then. And many more movies had a few of those occurances. Later on with the internet a whole world was available. Gearfetish was one of my favourite sites where all the people showed themselves in gear. And I started getting gear myself. Socks, lycra, rubber, leather, boots, sneakers, sportsgear, etc. Having lived in Amsterdam for quite a few years gave me enough resources to get gear with plenty of fetish shops in the city.

My first rubber items were a jock, and a short. And after many years being envious of the guys in rubber catsuits I finally bought my own catsuit. I was really proud. My very own rubber catsuit. Rubber feels so nice on you. A lot more when it covers a whole lot of your body. Like a second skin it’s like being naked, yet still covered.

I like the feel and the sight of rubber. Having it on me feels really nice, like a second skin. But to see it on somebody else is just as nice. I prefer it to be shiny/glossy and black. Though coloured accents like stripes or some designs do look excellent, there’s just something about a fully rubber covered gimp.

I’ve been at many parties in Amsterdam and know a few people who are into rubber as well. When I moved to Belgium a few years back I’ve met of course a few people in the gay and kink scene from whom I learned about the Belgian Rubbermen which I joined shortly after.

I’m now responsible for a few behind the scenes stuff at BRM. Social media and graphics wise mostly. Designed the logo, adding events, made the website, do the ads, etc. I’m happy to help wherever possible.